FDO 4.7P flat roof leak detection and SOS 4.7 P smoke analysis system
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FDO 4.7P   flat roof leak detection system  single price € 4495 +VAT
in most cases, the damage that flat roofs and facades might have is not detectable with the naked eye. Nevertheless, with the use of our FDO 4.7P instrument damaged areas can be located very precisely. SOS 4.7 P smoke analysis system    single price € 2495 +VAT
This procedure is suitable for very large roofs without specific ballast.
The basic principle is, a pressurized air-smoke mixture generated under the
sealing layer discharges at the leak as a visible fog. Connection points,
perimeter areas and rear vents can be checked very well and quickly. Similarly,
the procedure for leak testing and quality assurance has been used successfully
in new constructions         System  FDO 4.7P + SOS 4.7P  € 5999 +VAT                                                                                                                  here! video by Youtube